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Custom fitting your legal needs

If you and your spouse are considering, or have chosen divorce or separation, you may be overwhelmed by the unknowns. Fill out our assessment form to find the most effective approach for achieving your specific legal goals.

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Our MIssion

To provide legal support for families experiencing
difficult times with compassion, transparency
and proactive communication.

Process Options

Tailored Options For You

Tailored Family Law offers all process options available in family law.


Collaborative Process

Collaborative family law is the option where you and your spouse resolve all issues in your divorce amicably, with the assistance of collaborative professionals that provide guidance, emotional support, resources, and expertise. In this process, parties work with a professional team including attorneys for each party, a financial specialist, and a divorce coach.
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We offer mediation as a process option for pro se parties (the parties do not have lawyers representing them in mediation). However, if we believe it would be helpful for the parties to obtain legal advice or additional information, we will refer them to their own legal counsel or other professionals for consult prior to our next session.
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Traditional Process

In the traditional process, the attorneys and clients are on opposing sides of the case. The goal in a traditional process is typically to avoid trial by coming to agreements whenever possible. However, if it is not possible to come to agreement, the goal is to proceed in getting the best possible result for the client.
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The TFL Experience

Client Centered, Always

We put our clients and their needs first, plain and simple. We focus on providing information and legal advice to our clients so they understand the issues and implications and are able to make informed decisions in their case.

Knowledge & Experience

We are passionate about what we do and about our meeting our clients’ needs. With over 13 years of experience in family law, we have the track record and know-how to provide tailored process options to each of our clients to make the experience as streamlined as possible.

Efficiency Through Tech

At TFL, we use technology to provide a better experience for our clients. We manage all documentation online including providing secure portals for sharing documents and providing electronic signatures. This use of technology allows us to focus more of our time on substantive issues in your case.

Assertiveness If Needed

In the event that your case is in litigation, TFL is able to adopt an assertive and professional stance in their presentations to the court and opposing counsel to protect your legal position.


At TFL, we are guided by empathy, transparency, honesty, and a relentless commitment to securing a positive outcome for all our clients. We understand that this is challenging and sometimes painful process for our client, and seek to alleviate stress by providing as much support, information and encouragement to our clients as possible throughout the process.


At TFL, we offer tailored process options that empower you to create a legal process that best fits your and your family’s needs. Our 13-year track record shows we are uniquely qualified to give you a path through this challenging time that gives you the least stress and most success possible. You choose your process; we make it happen. 


There is no case too complex or challenging for TFL; we’ve seen it all and our mission is to serve you – no matter how much time or work it takes – and achieve the resolution you deserve.

Thorough Communication

Our goal at TFL is to respond to client communications within 24 hours or sooner.

Client Reviews

This is more than just a job to Jena. She is emotionally invested in her clients and wants the best possible outcome for them. Jena is always polite and courteous yet can be tenacious and a fighter against opposing counsel in and out of the court room.
I followed Ms. Maxwell from another law firm because of her professionalism and care for my case. It was a long divorce yet Ms. Maxwell continued to support all of my concerns throughout my divorce. She was very understanding to my situation and assisted me with even the smallest concern. I highly recommend Ms. Maxwell as an attorney and will continue to inquire her if anything ever arises in the future. My many thanks and appreciation for all of her hard work and her colleagues as well. Thank you Jena! You rock!
Divorce is hard. Your life comes to a shattering halt and what you felt was built upon bedrock turned out to be sand. With that comes a lot of confusion, anger, and deep seated resentment. You lack clarity and every path seems to be full of obstacles. That is why if you are reading this, you are indeed a lucky individual, because it means you are considering Ms. Jena Maxwell as your advocate and ally in this process. When I say Ms. Maxwell has your best interests in mind, it is an honest assessment. Many times she has advised me to take a different course of action because not only did she care about my mental wellbeing, but also my financial wellbeing. She took a call on while with her family celebrating a holiday to give me counsel, worked through several others to make sure I was well represented in court.
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