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About Tailored Family Law

Jena Maxwell, ESQ

Jena Maxwell, a dedicated family law attorney at Tailored Family Law, PLLC, excels in guiding clients through challenging times with her client-centered approach. Specializing in both litigation and collaborative processes, Jena offers tailored legal solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Her commitment lies in empowering clients with the necessary support and education, enabling them to make informed legal decisions for a better future. With her expertise in diverse process options, Jena ensures that every client understands and selects the most suitable approach for their situation, whether it involves litigation or collaborative methods.
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Columbia Center Seattle

Professional Associations & Community Involvement

King County Collaborative Law

  • Chair of Community Building Committee 2015-2018
  • Member of Community Building Committee 2015-2021

Collaborative Professionals of Washington

  • Vice President of Executive Committee, 2021
  • Secretary of Executive Committee, 2019-2021
  • Member of Board of Directors,  2017-2021
  • Co-Chair of Conference Committee, 2016-2017
  • Chair of Conference Committee, 2018-2019
  • Practice Group Committee Co-Chair, 2016-2020

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

  • Member since 2015

King County Bar Association

  • Collaborative Law Section
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Washington State Bar Association

  • Member since 2009
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
  • Family Law Section

Volunteer Work

  • Volunteer Attorney, KCBA Family Law Mentor Program
  • Volunteer Attorney, WSBA Washington First Responder Will Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

For efficiency, TFL is virtual and paperless. We primarily operate remotely, but we are able to go into the office for in-person meetings if needed. Most often, we communicate by email, phone, or video. The majority of our meetings with clients are via the phone or video conference via Microsoft Teams. 

We draft documents, manage edits and obtain client approval by email or via a secure client portal in Clio, our firm’s practice management system. We use Adobe Sign for electronic signatures to avoid having to sign paper documents. There are some documents that must be signed in front of a Notary Public, and this can be done either in-person or virtually.

Our process is first and foremost centered on our clients and their needs. We incorporate them as a team member on their case and keep them closely informed on every development, taking care to include them in strategy decisions and brainstorming sessions. Throughout the legal proceedings, we provide written and verbal explanations of the law, strategy, and process to make sure our clients are fully informed of the implications of actions and decisions before they make them. 

We understand that our clients are experiencing a difficult time and that the legal process can seem daunting and complex. That’s why, with TFL, you will always feel informed, included, and valued as you navigate your case, and we will work tirelessly with you to achieve the result you seek.

Your attorney-client relationship with TFL begins once the Fee Agreement is signed and the trust deposit is paid. Once each of these are done, the TFL team will send a welcome letter and intake paperwork. Once your intake paperwork is complete, the TFL team will schedule a strategy call between you and Jena Maxwell, TFL’s attorney. 

Given the many factors involved, there is no way to predict how long a given case will take. If you are going through the traditional/litigation process, your proceedings will be kept to a case schedule with deadlines and a trial date to ensure that your case does not linger open in the court’s system. In some cases, the trial date can be continued, meaning the case’s end is less predictable. 

Courts prefer that cases be resolved prior to their trial date issued, and they mandate that the parties attend mediation where the parties can agree to resolve the issues in the case outside of the courtroom. 

The length of the collaborative process is just as unpredictable as the traditional/litigation process. In the collaborative process, the case will take as long as the parties need it to take to resolve all matters and carry out any strategy decisions they’ve made. 

This means that sometimes, the parties come to an agreement but, for many different reasons, choose not to file the paperwork until a later date. The collaborative process can sometimes add time to the duration of a case, but it gives our clients the freedom to work with TFL to create a tailored legal process and timeline that works for them, without the constraints of a case timeline or feeling rushed through a situation that demands utmost care and sensitivity.

TFL is different from other family law firms because we offer not only the collaborative and traditional/litigation process options, but also the ability to customize the process to fit every client’s individual needs. Most firms only offer one process option, either collaborative or traditional litigation; we offer you what you need without compromises.

We seek to be a resource of information, support, and representation for every client’s family law needs. We empower families to have healthy relationships and to resolve disputes with integrity and without animosity. In every case, we provide necessary representation to achieve these goals and, if necessary, protection for families that need it. 

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